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‘Protecting TeleSUR Is Protecting the Peoples' Voice’ Villegas

  • TeleSUR president Patricia Villegas at the 'Round Table' TV show in Havana, Cuba, January 16, 2020.

    TeleSUR president Patricia Villegas at the 'Round Table' TV show in Havana, Cuba, January 16, 2020. | Photo: teleSUR

Published 17 January 2020

Patricia Villegas recalled that right-wingers have been trying to stigmatize the work of this Latin American progressive media on several occasions.

The New Television of the South (teleSUR) president Patricia Villegas Thursday warned about the difficulties of doing progressive journalism in Latin America and stressed that "protecting teleSUR is protecting the voice of the peoples of the world".


Desperate Juan Guaido Vows Again to Plunder teleSUR's Signal

At teleSUR "we have been accustomed all this time to resist amid adversities," Villegas said and recalled that "we are a very powerful voice ... the vision of this Latin America and the Caribbean," Villegas said at the 'Round Table' TV show in Havana, Cuba.

Her statements occur a few days after threats against teleSUR were spilled by a U.S.-backed Venezuelan politician, Senator Juan Guaido, who has been struggling to stay relevant after several failed coup attempts to overthrow President Nicolas Maduro.

Villegas also pointed out that "it is not the first attempt that the Latin American right-wingers make to stigmatize" the work of this alternative media.

"Torpedoing teleSUR is torpedoing the strong idea of the Latin American and Caribbean union, which allows us to face global challenges as if we were one," she explained.

​​​​​​Regarding Guaido's threat to seize the administration of teleSUR, Villegas said that his actions "have no validity", for he is "a force having no capacity at all".

"Such issue does not worry us or distract us from our task, our objectives and our mission: to move forward, grow, resist," the teleSUR president said.

During her interview on Cuban television, Villegas also thanked the solidarity steeming from thousands of teleSUR followers.​​​​​​​

On Friday, Leopoldo Castillo, a journalist to whom Guaido entrusted the task of "recovering" teleSUR, admitted tacitly that his attack is impotent.

The right-wing politician's messenger said that Telesur will be "replaced" by a Miami-based channel that will have a different name and different content.

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