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Pope Francis: Latin America Is in a Transition to Unity

  • Pope Francis

    Pope Francis | Photo: Telam

Published 1 July 2022

Pope Francis highlighted the crisis of world organizations such as the United Nations.

Pope Francis said Friday in an interview with an Argentine media outlet Telam that Latin America and the Caribbean are in a slow transition of struggle from the dream of San Martin and Bolivar for the region's unity.

"It has always been a victim and will be a victim until it does not finish liberating itself, of exploiting imperialisms. All countries have that. I do not want to mention them because they are so obvious that everybody sees them", he added.

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On the other hand, Francis called to face the crisis with solidarity for others, to risk and take their hand, as the only way out of this situation, in a comment on how to return to the conditions before the pandemic in an interview with an Argentinean media.

"You can't get out of the crisis alone; you get out by taking risks and taking the other person's hand. If you don't do it, you can't get out. So, this is the social aspect of the crisis. This is a crisis of civilization", he pointed out in one of them.

"Either we all get out, or none of us gets out. The pretension that only one group can get out of the crisis may give you salvation, but it is partial salvation, economic, political, or of certain sectors of power. But it is not a total solution. You are imprisoned by choice of power you have made", he said.

The Supreme Pontiff said that the fact that Africa is so much in need of vaccines means something has gone wrong. "Notice, the mere fact that Africa does not have the vaccines or has the minimum doses means that other interests also dosed salvation from the disease," he said.

Environment and political systems

He also referred to the fact that nature is also in crisis. "You use nature and it comes down on you. An overheated world also takes us away from constructing a just, fraternal society," he said.

"It is very curious about the mutation of viruses because we are facing a viral and global crisis—a global crisis in our relationship with the universe. We do not live in harmony with creation, with the universe. And we slap it all the time. We misuse our forces. Some people do not imagine the danger humanity lives today with this overheating and manipulation of nature," he declared.

The head of state of the Holy See of the Catholic Church insisted that nature cannot be thought of without humanity. "It is like that passage in Genesis: 'Grow, multiply and dominate the Earth.' To dominate is to enter into harmony with the Earth to make it fruitful. And we have that vocation.

In this sense, he highlighted the philosophy of life of the Amazonian aborigines, where living well means living in harmony with nature. "Because we cannot separate the social from the environmental. The life of men and women develops within an environment," he assured.

"I repeat: nature never forgives, not because it is vengeful, but because we set in motion processes of degeneration that are not in harmony with our being. A few years ago, I froze when I saw a photo of a ship that had passed the North Pole for the first time. The navigable North Pole! What does this mean? That the ice is being destroyed, dissolving, by warming. When you see these things, we must slow down," he stressed.

Youth and politics

On the other hand, Francisco explained why young people do not get involved in politics. He indicated that they are discouraged in the face of so many situations of mafia arrangements and corruption.

"And yet we need them because they are the ones who have to propose salvation to universal policies. And why salvation? Because if we do not change our attitude towards the environment, we are all going to the well," he said.

He commented that young people have to learn about science, politics and coexistence, but he enunciated that he trusts them. "It is important to help young people in this socio-political commitment and, also not to "pull the wool over their eyes" Although today, I think the youth are more aware. today they are more awake, more alive".

Likewise, he considered that it is essential to reinstate the intergenerational dialogue. "The young person, when he meets his grandfather or grandmother, receives wisdom, receives things and takes them forward. And when he or she meets the grandson or granddaughter, the old person has hope," he remarked.

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