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Peruvian Police To Undergo Reform Over Alleged Corruption Cases

  • Police officers repress anti-government protesters, Peru.

    Police officers repress anti-government protesters, Peru. | Photo: Twitter/ @cesarpinedar

Published 28 March 2023

This reform, however, will not remove officers who brutally repressed anti-government protesters. 

On Monday, Ministers Council President Alberto Otarola announced that the Interior Ministry will reform the National Police (PNP) after some of its agents were accused of corruption.


Peruvian Congress to Investigate Former Ministers for Rebellion

"The reform process will comprise more recruitments, the promotion of officers who have made achievements in citizen security, and a frontal fight against corruption," he explained.

Interior Ministry will dismiss PNP Commander Raul Alfaro for his alleged link with Spanish citizen Jorge Hernandez, who is allegedly accused of leading an espionage network under the orders of former President Pedro Castillo.

"We will reform the PNP to reassess its work within our society and meet all responsibilities of its officers as soon as possible," Otarola pointed out.

He blamed the Castillo administration for allegedly leaving the Interior Ministry "absolutely disjointed and unarmed, and without offices," a situation that goes against the care of public order and the security of citizens".

The Peruvian Ombudsman’s Office registered that 49 citizens died in clashes with the police during the demonstrations against President Dina Boluarte from December 2022 to February.

Boluarte and Otarola stressed that they will support the investigations of the Attorney General’s Office on this case. So far, however, not all Police officers responsible for repressing protesters have been prosecuted or removed. 

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