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Peruvian Congress to Investigate Former Ministers for Rebellion

  • Parliament meeting in Lima, Peru.

    Parliament meeting in Lima, Peru. | Photo: Twitter/ @ElAragueno

Published 23 March 2023

Chavez, Huerta, and Sanchez were accused of being co-authors of the 2022 coup attempt.

On Wednesday, Peru's Congress approved investigating former Prime Minister Betssy Chavez and former Interior Minister Willy Huerta and former Trade Minister Roberto Sanchez for alleged rebellion and conspiracy.


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Congress members accused Chavez, Huerta, and Sanchez of being coauthors of the alleged coup d'etat that then President Pedro Castillo attempted to give on Dec. 7, 2022. Before facing these accusations, Chavez and Sanchez were serving as legislators.

With 66 votes in favor, 15 votes against, and three abstentions, however, the Peruvian Congress agreed to prohibit them from performing their functions as long as the investigations last. Lawmakers, however, refused to take that same action against Sanchez.

Chavez, Huerta, and Sanchez discussed with parliamentarians for hours before the investigation was approved. "I want to ask this Plenary: rid me of this chalice. Peace, justice, and freedom for all," Chavez stated, stressing that the investigation will prove her innocence.

Chavez, a member of the left-wing Free Peru party, expressed her commitment to boosting dialogue and promoting political stability in her country. Huerta, meanwhile, stressed that he has already proven his innocence before the Prosecutor’s Office.

“There was no conspiracy on my part because I did not know Castillo’s intentions. The Prosecutor’s Office did not find any evidence to corroborate this accusation,” Huerta stated.

Sanchez also defended his innocence, stressing that Castillo never informed him of what was going to happen on Dec. 7, 2022. "We all need to face this political crisis," he stressed, urging to promote the truth about what happened above all. 

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