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Peruvian JNE Turns Down 10 More Appeals From Fuerza Popular

  • The Peruvian National Jury of Elections

    The Peruvian National Jury of Elections

Published 28 June 2021

The Plenary of the JNE affirmed that there are no reasons to declare the nullity of the minutes demanded by Keiko Fujimori's party.

The Plenary of the Peruvian National Jury of Elections (JNE) declared on Monday as unfounded ten other appeals filed by Keiko Fujimori's political party, Fuerza Popular, regarding the nullity of the electoral records.

 Peru Resumes Review of Vote Annulment Requests

The confirmation of the JNE comes after Fuerza Popular presented the previous week the nullity of another ten electoral records alluding to alleged irregularities, which were not argued by the party of the ultra-right presidential candidate.

In the morning, the JNE, with the participation and incorporation of Victor Rodriguez Monteza, heard the testimonies of the legal team of Fuerza Popular defending its position of nullity of the minutes of the regions of San Martin and Huancavelica. Still, the instance declared the request as unfounded.

However, the National Jury of Elections authorities agreed to refer the complaints of Fuerza Popular to the Peruvian Public Prosecutor's Office to investigate the alleged offenses regarding the vote count of the second round of the presidential elections.

It is worth mentioning that the appeals proceedings were suspended after the unexpected resignation of prosecutor Luis Arce Córdova, a product of his decision the Plenary of the JNE was left without a quorum.

Next Tuesday, the JNE will have another hearing where the plenary will process another eight requests for the annulment of minutes presented by Fuerza Popular.

Meanwhile, social organizations continue to gather in Lima, demanding the proclamation of Pedro Castillo as the new president of the nation.

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