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Peru: President Castillo Changes Seven Ministers

  • Pedro Castillo (C) with his new Cabinet, Lima, Peru, Oct. 6.

    Pedro Castillo (C) with his new Cabinet, Lima, Peru, Oct. 6. | Photo: Twitter/ @leorodriguezd

Published 7 October 2021

Besides appointing a new president of the Council of Ministers, he have made changes in the ministries of internal affairs, education, labor, culture, production and energy.

On Wednesday, Peru's President Pedro Castillo accepted the resignation of Prime Minister Guido Bellido. This led to the resignation of all the other ministers and, as a result, Castillo had to reshuffle the Cabinet.


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"It is time to put Peru first. Therefore, I inform the country that today we accepted the resignation of the president of the Council of Ministers, Guido Bellido, whom I thank for his services," said Castillo.

On Wednesday at 7:30 p.m., local time, he announced the new ministers during a ceremony held in the Golden Hall of the Government Palace. Former lawmaker of the Broad Front (FA) coalition Mirtha Vasquez was sworn in as the new President of the Council of Ministers.

"I accept the office on behalf of a country of women and men who struggle every day to live with dignity," she said.

This is one out of seven ministerial changes announced by Castillo, who also appointed Luis Barranzuela as Interior Minister, Carlos Gallardo as Education Minister, Betssy Chavez as Labor Minister, Gisela Ortiz as Culture Minister, Jose Rogger as Production Minister, and Eduardo Gonzalez as Energy Minister.

"I made decisions aimed at promoting good governance. The balance of powers is a bridge between the rule of law and democracy," Castillo said.

"We reaffirm Peru’s commitment to private investment and stress the need for it to operate without corruption and with social responsibility and to prioritize national productive diversification," he added.

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