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Peru: Exit Poll Result Show Leftist Pedro Castillo in 1st Place

  • Candidate Pedro Castillo during a rally in Lima, Peru.

    Candidate Pedro Castillo during a rally in Lima, Peru. | Photo: Twitter/ @KawsachunNews

Published 11 April 2021

Castillo is followed by candidate Hernando de Soto and former dictator Alberto Fujimori's daughter Keiko Fujimori, who are tied with 11,9 percent of the votes. 

Exit polls results from the Peruvian election showed an advantage for the left-wing candidate for the Free Peru Party (PL) Pedro Castillo in the lead for the second round. Five other names are competing for the other seat. 


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According to the Ipsos Peru consultancy company, Castillo is winning with 16,1 percent of the electoral votes. 

The Country Advance Party’s candidate Hernando de Soto, and former dictator Alberto Fujimori's daughter Keiko Fujimori, of the Popular Force party (FPP), are tied with 11,9 percent of the votes. 

The center-right Popular Action party (AP) candidate Yohny Lescano is in fourth place with 11 percent of the votes. He is followed by and Rafael Lopez, from Popular Renewal, with 10.5 percent.

The poll also shows that Together for Peru (JPP) candidate Veronika Mendoza is in the fifth position, with 8.8 percent of the votes.

Castillo, who is an elementary school teacher, had national recognition in 2017 when the presidential candidate led a strike of Peruvian education professionals. 

As a young man, the teacher took action against the crimes that occurred in Peruvian rural areas. He still represents the farmer community and wears a hat characteristic of rural area's residents.

He confronted groups like Sendero Luminoso, a Peruvian guerrilla formed in the 1960s. During Castillo's campaign, there were accusations of alleged close ties between the candidate and the paramilitary group.

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