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Peru: Electoral Jury Will Continue Resolving Ballot Appeals

  • "Our work is in accordance with the law and we act with the impartiality and transparency that derives from it," said the President of the JNE, Jorge Luis Salas Arenas, after reiterating his request for calm and unity to the citizens. | Photo: Twitter/@JNE_Peru

Published 17 June 2021

The JNE will meet this weekend to accelerate the "prompt proclamation" of the presidential election results.

The president of the National Jury of Elections (JNE) of Peru, Jorge Luis Salas Arenas, announced this Thursday that the Plenary of the highest electoral body would continue with the resolution of appeals during this weekend to accelerate its work to declare a winner in the elections of last June 6.

The entity informed that it is scheduling for the following days, including Sunday, the attention of the load that it has to date on the pending claims.


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The purpose said Salas Arens, "is to advance in the most expeditious manner" to finish the work and proceed promptly with the proclamation of the results of the Second Presidential Election.

Salas Arenas also informed that the Plenary of the JNE is currently resolving the appeals of the minutes observed in this stage of the process after the Special Electoral Juries (JEE) issued their corresponding pronouncements in the first instance.

Likewise, he announced, the same will be done with the nullity requests that reach said supreme instance.

Since last Monday, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal has held public hearings, in which it listens to the arguments of the parties. Then broadcasts live its sessions in which it deliberates and votes on the appeals submitted to that instance to provide maximum transparency on its decisions before the citizenry.

It will be up to the Plenary of the JNE to sign the general proclamation of the results of this election and deliver the credentials to the person who will assume the first magistracy of the Peruvian State for the period 2021-2026.

So far, the results point to a victory, however, by a very narrow margin, of the candidate of Perú Libre, Pedro Castillo, who will likely win over the right-wing candidate of Fuerza Popular, Keiko Fujimori.

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