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Paris University Bans Usage Of Artificial Intelligence Tools

  • A person logs into the ChatGPT robot.

    A person logs into the ChatGPT robot. | Photo: Twitter/ @KiwiFibre_FR

Published 27 January 2023

The institution will only allow students to use these tools under the supervision of a teacher.

On Friday, the Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po) banned the usage of the ChatGPT conversational robot or any other type of artificial intelligence (AI) tool in academic production.


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"We will only allow students to use these tools under the supervision of a teacher. If they fail to comply with this rule, they may be subject to sanctions, including expulsion from our institute and even from the higher education system," Science Po stated.

Created by the Californian company OpenAI, the ChatGPT robot uses enormous amounts of Internet information to write texts that answer simple questions with convincing results.

"ChatGPT poses major problems in education and research since it prompts students to commit fraud and plagiarism," the Parisian institute stated, arguing that banning this application aims to ensure the quality and integrity of higher education.

Recently, Jonathan Choi, a professor at the University of Minnesota Law School, conducted a study to test the ChatGPT performance level. He posed the robot with the same final test with which he examined his students.

The test consisted of 95 multiple-choice questions and 12 synthesis queries, covering four disciplines. According to an academic article published on Monday by Choi, the overall ChatGPT score was C+, which left the robot in the penultimate place in most subjects.

"The ChatGPT robot is not a good student when acting alone. However, language models like this can be useful if they are used to boost collaboration between students and professionals," Choi stressed.


Jonathan Choi
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