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Palestinian Political Parties Organize for Upcoming Elections

  • Palestine's legislative elections will be held on May 22, 2021 and its presidential elections on July 31, 2021.

    Palestine's legislative elections will be held on May 22, 2021 and its presidential elections on July 31, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/@AJENews

Published 1 February 2021

Palestine hopes to be able to organize elections that include all regions of the country, including East Jerusalem.

They will hold a meeting on February 8 in Egypt to organize the electoral process for next May.

Al-Fatah, one of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) ruling parties, announced Monday the holding of a "national dialogue" to discuss the organization of the elections scheduled for next May.


Palestine Prepares for Its First Elections in 15 Years

The conclave has been convened for next week in Cairo, Egypt, according to the announcement of Yibril Rayub, member of the central committee of Al-Fatah, the party of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who will go to the Egyptian capital "with an open mind" to "achieve the results that the Palestinian people want for this just cause."

According to Rayub's statements, the delegations will discuss the political and technical issues related to the elections, scheduled for May 22 in the case of the legislative elections and for July 31 in the case of the presidential elections. The elections for the Palestinian National Council will take place on August 31.

The President of the Palestinian National Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, issued a decree on January 15 in which he indicated that he expects to hold elections "in all Palestinian governorates, including East Jerusalem," a territory annexed by Israel in 1967, after the Six-Day War.

Meanwhile, the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), the ruling force in the Gaza Strip, intends to hold its primary elections within two weeks and announce the organization's leader by March at the latest, to facilitate the conduct of the legislative elections.

Fatah and Hamas agreed on September 24 to organize elections within a maximum period of six months, within the framework of contacts held in Turkey to discuss the reconciliation process and launch the first elections since 2006.

In those 2006 elections, Hamas's victory at the polls prompted Israel's allies, led by the United States and the European Union, to cut off aid to the Palestinian authorities, which led to clashes between the two factions that ended with the administrative separation of the occupied Palestinian territories.

Since then, Fatah controls the West Bank, and Hamas is in charge of the Gaza Strip. Meetings between the parties to resolve their differences have so far been unsuccessful.

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