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Palestine Thanks Colombia for Breaking Relations With Israel

  • Pro-Palestine rally in U.S., May, 2024.

    Pro-Palestine rally in U.S., May, 2024. | Photo: X/ @HoyPalestina

Published 2 May 2024

Colombia's noble position constitutes an example to follow for the world, President Abas said.

On Thursday, Palestinian President Mahmud Abas thanked Colombian President Gustavo Petro for his decision to cut diplomatic relations with Israel due to the genocide against the Palestinian people.


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The Presidency of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA), which governs the occupied West Bank, assured that the Colombian position should be an example for the rest of the world.

"The Presidency affirmed that the noble positions adopted by the Colombian government and people constitute an example to follow for the world, to bind the Israeli occupation authorities to resolutions of international legitimacy and to comply with international law," WAFA reported.

The authorities praised Petro's speech this Wednesday, in which the Colombian president announced the breaking of relations and accused Israel of committing genocide against the Palestinian people.

The text reads, "Seen in Manizales, Colombia."

"As of tomorrow diplomatic relations with Israel will be broken," Petro said, adding that this decision is due to the fact that that country "has a genocidal government and president."

“The necessity of life, rebellion, the raised flag, and resistance is summed up in one word. That word is called Gaza. It is called the children and babies who have died dismembered by the bombs," the Colombian leader stressed.

In turn, the Palestinian Presidency once again called on the international community to "adopt more decisive positions against the crimes of genocide against the Palestinian people," WAFA noted, and for Israel to respect the Security Council resolution that demand an "immediate" ceasefire or precautionary measures from the International Court of Justice.

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