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Pakistan To Get Rid of Terrorism-PM

  • 10 soldiers died from terrorist attack in Pakistan. Jan. 28, 2022.

    10 soldiers died from terrorist attack in Pakistan. Jan. 28, 2022. | Photo: @Umer Qazi

Published 28 January 2022

An attack in Balochistan province left ten soldiers dead. Due to this, Imran Khan, Pakistan's Prime Minister, expressed his will to eradicate all forms of terrorism in the South Asian nation. 

For decades, the province, which shares borders with Afghanistan and Iran, has been targeted by armed ethnic groups fighting against the Pakistani government. The region has also suffered terrorist attacks by Islamist militants.


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Sheikh Rashid Ahmad, Interior Minister, condemned the attack, which took place on 25 January. 

The terrorist attack on a security check post in the Kech district. As a result, one terrorist dead, and three others were arrested by security forces,   according to the media and public relations wing of the Pakistan Armed Forces. 
While Pakistan's Army hasn't identified the attackers, Reuters has asserted it was executed by Baloch Liberation Army (BLA), a militant organization based in Afghanistan. 


Reuters also reported that the BLA claimed that 17 Pakistani soldiers were killed in the attack and recognized having suffered a casualty.

It is attributed to the insurgent group bombing attacks on Pakistani authorities. They seek the establishment of an independent Baloch state.  

Pakistan armed forces stated their determination to get the territory rid of terrorists at any cost.  

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