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100 People Injured and 30 Citizens Missing In Pereira, Colombia

  • Young people protest in Pereira, Colombia, May 5, 2021.

    Young people protest in Pereira, Colombia, May 5, 2021. | Photo: EFE

Published 6 May 2021

Young student Lucas Villa was shot to death during a peaceful demonstration on Wednesday night. Two other protesters were also hit by gunfire. 

Colombia's National Strike Committee (CPN) informed that over 100 people were injured and 30 protesters went missing during the demonstrations that have been taking place since last week in Pereira City.


Social Movements Worldwide Protest In Support Of Colombians

One victim is Lucas Villa, a young student who was shot to death on Wednesday night during a peaceful demonstration. Two other protesters were also hit by gunfire. 

Human rights defenders denounced that the police have been firing at the demonstrators from motorcycles and vehicles with tinted windows.

"We reject this violent act. We will not allow blood to continue flowing in Pereira. We demand that the facts are clarified and we offer up to US$13,000 to those who can provide any information," Government Secretary Alvaro Arias said.

The meme reads, "Lucas Villa was murdered in Pereira, Colombia. He was shot from a private car. His crime was to be a student and the visible face of the protests in the city. The ruling people hate the working class!"

"The Committee is collecting all complaints from victims of police brutality to identify the exact number of deaths and injuries," CPN representative in Risaralda Lina Montilla said. 

"We are having difficulty getting information from the city's hospital network because health workers have orders not to provide information to human rights organizations," she added.

Social movements are requesting international human rights organizations to come to Pereira, so they can see the escalation of State terrorism that is taking place in the territory. 

While there is still no official summary of human rights violations, Pereira Mayor Carlos Maya assured that about 50 people were injured on Wednesday night.

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