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Nigeria: Windstorm Leaves Six Fatalities

  • Windstorm leaves six deaths in Nigeria. Jul. 13, 2022.

    Windstorm leaves six deaths in Nigeria. Jul. 13, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@allnewsngr

Published 13 July 2022

On Wednesday, Nigerian authorities reported that at least six people died from the windstorm that hit the country.

Six people died and at least 65 were injured during the windstorm in Nigeria's northern state of Jigawa, according to the report issued by the emergency management agency.

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According to Yusuf Sani, head of the Jigawa State Emergency Management Agency, the disaster has caused damage to the area of the Kafinhausa local government, such as the destruction of several houses.

"Six people lost their lives and 65 others who sustained injuries in the disaster have been hospitalized," said the official.

Sani has explained that the agency is carrying out heritage exercises to determine the extent of destruction caused by the windstorm.

Some people were forced to displace, some finding refuge with their relatives, waiting for a temporary shelter that the agency would provide.


Yusuf Sani
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