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Nicaragua did not sign consensus of the III EU-Celac Summit

  • Nicaragua did not sign consensus statement of the III EU-Celac Summit. Jul. 18, 2023.

    Nicaragua did not sign consensus statement of the III EU-Celac Summit. Jul. 18, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/ @ALBATCP

Published 18 July 2023

The Nicaraguan Foreign Minister, Denis Moncada, pointed out that the declaration was announced in a pompous and lying manner.

The Government of Nicaragua informed today that it did not sign, approve or accompany the consensus declaration of the III Summit of the European Union (EU) and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), held in Belgium.


Nicaraguan FM Denis Moncada Says US Must Pay “Historical Debt”

Through a communiqué signed by the Nicaraguan Foreign Minister, Denis Moncada, and released in this capital, the Sandinista Executive pointed out that said declaration was announced in a pompous and lying manner.

He emphasized that the EU, as it usually does, broke the procedures and mechanisms established by democratic organizations, and went over "the rules that are the basis for the functioning of our own entities".

"From free and sovereign Nicaragua, we ratify our vocation for peace, based on the struggles that dignify our peoples and are the strength of victories," he concluded.

The tweet reads: The Foreign Minister of Nicaragua, Denis Moncada at the III #CelacEU Summit:

"The same Government of the United States has qualified the use of those cluster bombs as a war crime, we hope that this administration does not commit the crime thus qualified by its representatives"

The EU-Celac Summit, representing 60 countries and some one billion inhabitants, was held for two days in Brussels, Belgium, with the presence of more than 50 heads of state and government.

Speaking at the meeting, Moncada demanded the suspension of the unjust coercive and unilateral measures applied against several nations, because they violate human rights.

The head of Nicaraguan diplomacy stressed the need to eliminate such policies if the EU really wants to strengthen bi-regional relations.

He demanded the fulfillment of the commitments of the developed countries of the EU to guarantee climate justice and the policy of reparations to compensate for losses and damages, and to promote direct, respectful and unconditional cooperation.

In addition, he urged the EU to reflect and act in good faith with a vision of the present and future, taking into account the human beings of Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean and other regions that yearn for peace, security, stability, progress, sustainable development and respectful relations without interference.


Denis Moncada
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