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Nicaragua Condemns Spain's Interference Ahead of the Elections

  • Supporters of President Daniel Ortega march in Managua, Nicaragua, Feb. 8, 2020.

    Supporters of President Daniel Ortega march in Managua, Nicaragua, Feb. 8, 2020. | Photo: EFE

Published 27 June 2021

Foreign Minister Denis Moncada sent a letter to his Spanish counterpart to reject alleged human rights violations and the plots with the opposition sector.

Nicaragua's Foreign Minister Denis Moncada rejected "offensive statements" by his Spanish counterpart Arancha Gonzalez who voiced alleged human rights violations ahead of the Central American nation's general elections on Nov. 7.  


Nicaragua Defines Municipal Electoral Councils

Previously, President Daniel Ortega denounced that the U.S., the Spanish, and other European countries' embassies in Managua were plotting with the opposition sector to destabilize the elections. 

"Showing a daring ignorance and a ferocity improper for diplomacy, Mrs. Gonzalez addresses the president of a free and sovereign people with the voice of a bailiff, without realizing in her delirious speech that we have been without Spanish rule for centuries," Moncada wrote.

Nicaraguan top diplomat recalled the mass extermination of Indigenous peoples and the plundering of natural resources during the Spanish conquest and colonization process.

Referring to Gonzalez's call to free political prisoners, Moncada noted the case of Catalan leaders who were imprisoned for their political activities. He recommended the Spanish government address the independence demands within its territory.

"The human rights of the Catalan politicians, who were recently pardoned, have been violated for three years, and those human rights continue to be violated by disqualifying them to exercise public functions. Is that democracy?" Moncada noted. 

On Nov. 7, Nicaraguans will vote for the Presential post, 92 lawmakers, and 20 representatives to the Central American Parliament. 

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