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'We Deserve Respect and Peace', Nicaraguans Say

  • Citizens in a demonstration to defend freedom, peace, and dignity, Nicaragua, Feb, 16, 2020.

    Citizens in a demonstration to defend freedom, peace, and dignity, Nicaragua, Feb, 16, 2020. | Photo: Twitter/ @embaniclondon

Published 22 June 2021

The United States continues to promote the destabilization of sovereign governments through the funding of right-wing NGOs.

On Tuesday, Nicaragua`s Foreign Affairs Minister Denis Moncada stated that his nation rejects all coercive measures by foreign countries and organizations that seek to destabilize the government of President Daniel Ortega.


What Media Don't Want To Tell About Arrests in Nicaragua

“Nicaragua is an independent State but the United States and European powers continually sought to maintain imperialist and colonial domination over our country. We deserve respect and peace ”, Moncada said in a video broadcast to the nation.
Regarding the arrests of some citizens that the corporate press tries to turn into international personalities, he said that their arrests are not related to political actions but to crimes clearly typified in Nicaraguan laws.

Among the people prosecuted are directors of non-governmental organizations that received financing from the U.S. and the European Union to carry out destabilization actions.

Regarding the U.S. arbitrary blockade against Cuba and Venezuela, Moncada called for the integration of the Latin American peoples because the struggle of our nations is for "the common good."

In that sense, Moncada stressed that the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is one of the U.S. instruments to promote and finance destabilizing activities.

During all these years, however, the Nicaraguan people have consolidated their defenses against foreign aggressions and continue working to increase their production levels and face the COVID-19 pandemic.

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