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National Strike to Demand Proclamation of Castillo as President

  • Citizens demand the proclamation of Pedro Castillo as president-elect, Lima, Peru, June 26, 2021.

    Citizens demand the proclamation of Pedro Castillo as president-elect, Lima, Peru, June 26, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @juancchamorro

Published 6 July 2021

The Workers' General Confederation and Free Peru party will join social organizations that will carry out demonstrations all over the country.

On Tuesday, progressive social and political organizations called for a strike on July 7 to demand that the National Election Jury (JNE) officially proclaim Pedro Castillo as the next president of Peru.


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Citizen also reject the selection of new judges for the Constitutional Court (TC), which is scheduled for Wednesday. These right-wing juries seek to take over the Parliament and declare null the June 6 elections.

Demonstrations will take place all over the country. However, each region will act according to its concrete reality. “While some provinces will make a massive strike, other regions will mobilize or make sit-ins”, Peru's Front for Democracy and Governance (FDG) stated.

In this regard, FDG also highlighted the democratic and peaceful content of the upcoming protests, which will count with the support of the Workers' General Confederation and Free Peru party.

So far, the JNE has not proclaimed who is the president-elect. According to the official results of the June 6 elections, however, Castillo obtained a lead of 44,000 votes over Keiko Fujimori.

Despite the pressure of public opinion, the electoral judges continue to analyze the legal claims presented by this right-wing politician to prevent the officialization of her opponent's triumph.

"I call on the electoral authorities to respect the popular will in this country", said teacher Castillo and rejected the anti-democratic maneuvers of the Peruvian economic and political elites.

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