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NATO and West Public Accused of Silence on Donbass Crisis

  • Maria Zakharova. Feb. 28, 2022.

    Maria Zakharova. Feb. 28, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@Xinhua_88

Published 28 February 2022

Russian spokeswoman noted that Russia has not begun a war, in contrast it is trying to end it.  

Maria Zakharova, the Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman, alerted to NATO and the West’s silence over Donbass, which has brought about a humanitarian and political catastrophe in Europe, she said.

Russia Blames Ukraine for Missile That Hit Building in Kiev

Zakharova accused NATO’s actions and the ill-willed silence of the West. She stated that Russian steps are legitimate since they were intended to end the crisis. The West rejected any negotiation to lower the tensions; instead, they supported the aggressiveness and threats of Kiev and its partisans against Russia, she also remarked.  

Russia is ending a war, not making war, said Zakharova, who pointed out as well the cruel extermination that Donbass people have suffered over long years of shelling in this region. She noted that Russia had called untiringly on the global community to rise against such consistent annihilation throughout these years.

The diplomat remarked that no one have regretted the killing of at least 13,000 people over these years. She said that all the countries condemning Russian actions in Ukraine had not said a word on the heinous crimes committed in this region throughout these years.   

Zakharova denounced that people worldwide kept silent in the face of the anti-constitutional coup in Ukraine in 2014 and the subsequent bloody catastrophe. Countries such as the US, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia and other NATO countries were directly engaged. They support Kiev’s destruction of their own people, she emphasized.

Russian actions in the Donbass regions followed a request by the leaders of the Donbass republics to help them face Ukrainian shelling, as President of Russia Vladimir Putin has stated. He also disclosed that there are no plans to occupy Ukrainian territories.

In accord with Russia’s Defense Ministry statements, Ukrainian cities are not being attacked the destruction of Ukrainian military infrastructure was performed using precision weapons. The Russian military pledged that civilian lives are not at risk.

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