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Moscow Warns of New Western Colonialism Threatening Africa

  • Western colonialism threatens the African continent. Jun. 30, 2023.

    Western colonialism threatens the African continent. Jun. 30, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/@Shabskk

Published 30 June 2023

Traditional bonds of friendship unite Russia and Africa.

Gennady Gatilov, Russia's permanent representative to the United Nations in Geneva said that the West is exploiting African countries through neo-colonialism to achieve gains, which poses a threat to the continent.


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"Unfortunately, the African continent still faces many challenges and threats," he said during a reception on organizing the second Russian African forum to be held next July 26-29.

He added that the United States and its allies stubbornly cling to global hegemony based on a "set of rules" that apply to other countries, expect theirs.

He added, "The West continues to exploit African countries to make profits for its companies, humiliate Africans and impose dictates on them on how to build their future".

He stressed, "Westerners are used to seeing countries following them 'blindly', and that is why they impose unilateral sanctions and make threats of economic consequences against those who do not comply with their dictates."

"From our point of view, this comes in the context of Western efforts to turn Africa into a 'resource colony' that allows the West easy access to cheap raw materials, in exchange for controlled access to certain benefits of Western civilization," he stressed.

Russian officials have confirmed on more than one occasion that Russia and African countries are equal allies, stressing that the relationship between the two parties is based primarily on integrity.

For its part, Moscow considered that Africa disappointed the hopes of the West with its pragmatic approach towards Russia, as there were vigorous Western attempts to undermine Russian-African relations, but they failed.

Earlier, a delegation representing African leader arrived in St Petersburg to hold talks on possible ways to resolve the situation around Ukraine.

The delegation included President of Zambia Hakainde Hichilema, Chairperson of the African Union and President of the Comoros Azali Assoumani, President of the Republic of Senegal Macky Sall, President of the South Africa Republic Cyril Ramaphosa, Prime Minister of the Arab Republic of Egypt Mostafa Mabdouli, Minister of  State and  Director of the Cabinet of the President of the Republic of the Congo Florent Ntsiba, and Special Envoy of the President of Uganda for Special Duties Ruhakana Rugunda.

On the Russian side, Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov and Presidential Aide Yury Ushakov attended the meeting.

The Russian Federation has repeatedly stated that Russia and African countries are equal allies and that their relations are always built without any self-interest. Some African leaders recently visited Russia. Moscow added that Africa has disappointed the Western world with its pragmatic approach to Russia, that there have been attempts to break relations, but not clearly victorious, and that Russia has only benefited from this so far.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has previously said that old metropolises need to know where they are and understand that the world is changing. According to him, the U.S., and European countries, which demand from African countries not to cooperate with Russia, are trying to re-establish the colonial dependence of Africa. In late July, the United States, and its allies in St. He added that efforts to disrupt the second Russia-Africa summit scheduled for St. Petersburg discouraged African partners from participating in the forum. In some African countries, they commented on the West’s calls to condemn the Russian Federation, stating that no one had the right to dictate with whom they would associate.

Traditional bonds of friendship unite Russia and Africa, and it is emblematic that the Second Russia–Africa Summit is taking place during this anniversary year. The Summit, which will take place in St. Petersburg this coming July, will be the most important foreign policy event in Russia–Africa relations and give a new impetus to Russia’s wide-ranging relations with the countries of the continent in the long term.   


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