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Moscow: The US is Leading an Economic War Against Russia

  • The Kremlin spokesperson denounced the U.S. has established an economic war against Russia. Mar. 9, 2022.

    The Kremlin spokesperson denounced the U.S. has established an economic war against Russia. Mar. 9, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@MarketsCafe

Published 9 March 2022

The Kremlin pointed out that the U.S. government is engaged in an economic war against Moscow.


Dmitri Peskov, Russia's presidential spokesperson alerted about the economic war the U.S. is currently organizing against Moscow.

The US Must Explain Ukrainian BioLab Operations, Russia Demands

The spokesman said that they to balance the Russian economy in the face of the package of sanctions that are been imposed on Russia by the U.S. administration and other countries, Moscow is working in systematic, serious, and well-thought-out actions.

During the press briefing,  responding to journalists' questions, Peskov expressed Russia's hope for an answer about the U.S. biological laboratories in Ukraine's issue, saying that the world will be interested in knowing the details of their operation in the country.

“This topic is, of course, very important. And it is probably important for the whole world. Let’s hope that it will be possible to deal with those institutions that functioned on the territory of Ukraine and whose operation was carried out by American specialists,” said the spokesperson.

After being asked about the supply of Polish MiG-29 fighters in support of Kiev, the Kremlin spokesman said that the Ukrainian military has been already warned about the usage of foreign military airfields, and the undesirable and potentially dangerous scenario that it would provide.

He remarked Moscow's interest to hold new sessions of talks with Kiev, as soon as the Ukrainian part is ready, intended to reach a diplomatic arrangement for a peaceful solution on the matter.

According to Peskov, the contact between the Foreign Ministers of Russia and Ukraine next Thursday would be a very important step in the negotiation process.


Dmitri Peskov
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