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Mexico: 49 Migrants Found After Kidnapping From Bus

  • Migrants found after kidnapping in Mexico. May. 19, 2023.

    Migrants found after kidnapping in Mexico. May. 19, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/@theblazetrends

Published 19 May 2023

"...Luis Cresencio Sandoval announced that they were discovered in multiple groups..."

The Mexican military has reported the discovery of a group of 49 individuals, including 11 minors, who were kidnapped by a drug cartel in the northern region of Mexico.


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The individuals who were travelling across the country towards the U.S. border as migrants conveyed that they were abducted on Tuesday, upon their bus making a stop at a petrol station located approximately three hours away from Monterrey.

On Thursday, the Defense Minister, Luis Cresencio Sandoval, announced that they were discovered in multiple groups in the central region of San Luis Potosí and the adjacent state of Nuevo León toward the north.

According to the minister, 33 individuals were located on the day of the abduction, followed by the recovering of additional individuals during the early hours of Thursday.

Mexican authorities have found 49 of the kidnapped migrants on a bus in northern Mexico. They were transferred to a delegation, the victims are 23 men, 15 women, six boys and five girls. Among the migrants, there are six Salvadorans

The bus was carrying approximately 50 individuals, and as of now, two drivers on the voyage have yet to be located.

In a government news conference, Sandoval stated, “We’re going to keep looking, and the drivers are a priority.”

Furthermore, Sandoval also said that it was possible that more migrants may be found, because there was not a clear accounting of “how many were on the bus to start with.”

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