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Earthquake Shakes Mexico City, Seismic Alert Did Not Activate

  • Seismic readings from Mexico City. May. 11, 2023.

    Seismic readings from Mexico City. May. 11, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/@Romegadigitaltv

Published 11 May 2023

"...the energy estimate, in the first seconds, did not exceed the pre-established levels."

On Wednesday evening, an earthquake measuring 3.0 on the Richter scale was detected in Mexico City, as reported by the National Seismological Survey. However, despite the presence of multiple alert systems within the city, none activated.


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The government of the capital relayed a brief communiqué indicating that the observed movement did not satisfy the criteria for a seismic alert "because the energy estimate, in the first seconds, did not exceed the pre-established levels."

The Integral Risk Management and Civil Protection Units affiliated with the Mayor's Offices have confirmed that no incidents were reported after the event

The Control, Command, Communication, Computing and Quality Center (C5), has published a reminder to citizens, in response to the annoyance expressed on social networks: "We remind citizens that seismic alerts are not activated when the epicenter is within Mexico City. We are alert for any emergency". 

Mexico City (CDMX) experiences a moderate but totally normal frequency of local earthquakes due to its geographical location in an area of high seismic activity. This activity is due to geological faults. Over time, these earthquakes have been the subject of numerous scientific studies and publications in specialized journals, which has allowed a better understanding of seismic phenomena in the city.

The Secretary of Government of the capital, Martí Batres said in an interview with Milenio that there is a white balance after the movement. He assured that although "some felt a strong jolt, that is because the epicenter was here," he said. In addition, he recalled that the city's alarms sounds "when earthquakes of 5.5 degrees or more are registered".

The earthquake that occurred on Wednesday can be classified within the category of micro-earthquakes, which are characterized by low magnitude and brief tremors.

These seismic events have been observed to originate from the Valley of Mexico and have recurred frequently in the recent weeks.

Last Monday, the seismic alert in the Mexican capital was activated "by mistake, causing surprise, uncertainty and annoyance among numerous denizens.

The authorities of Mexico City have conveyed that the continuous surveillance and aerial inspection of the city is being upheld, with no accounts of harm or casualties.

Despite the absence of official alerts, certain municipal residents have chosen to evacuate their residences and subsequently reported experiencing various events and sensations throughout different regions of the municipality.


Martí Batres
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