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Maduro: New Stage of Cooperation Between Venezuela and Colombia

  • Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro

    Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro | Photo: Prensa Presidencial

Published 27 June 2022

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said on Monday that a new stage of economic and trade cooperation is coming between his country and Colombia, which he said will consolidate peace for the citizens of both nations.

"A new stage of peace relations, brotherhood and cooperation with Colombia seems to be opening on the horizon (...) A new stage in the search for peace, Colombia's peace is the peace of Venezuela and South America, in the search for economic, commercial and cultural cooperation," Maduro said during a speech.

 Venezuela Recognizes Political Will for Relations With Colombia

Maduro stated that during the telephone conversation he had with Colombian President-elect Gustavo Petro, he committed to work for the union of these countries.

"As I said a week ago to President-elect Gustavo Petro, I will work and I ask for the support of the whole Venezuelan society so that we can achieve brotherhood, cooperation and union between Colombia and Venezuela in a new stage," he added.

The President indicated that his government would seek the pacification of the 2,200 kilometers of the border shared by these nations.

Venezuela broke diplomatic relations with Colombia in February 2019 after the attempt of the opposition led by Juan Guaidó to enter through the border with an alleged humanitarian aid, which Caracas described as an invasion attempt.

Since then, the administration of Nicolás Maduro has called to reestablish communication for the benefit of the citizens of these countries.

Venezuela accuses the government of Iván Duque of promoting and supporting destabilization plans, such as: the failed assassination of Maduro in August 2018, the attempted invasion through the entry of alleged humanitarian aid in 2019, and the entry of armed terrorist groups through the border of both nations.

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