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LATAM Leftist Politicians Rejoice Castillo's Victory in Peru

  • Free Peru supporters dance in front of the party's headquarters, Lima, Peru, June 10, 2021.

    Free Peru supporters dance in front of the party's headquarters, Lima, Peru, June 10, 2021. | Photo: EFE

Published 11 June 2021

They emphasized that the rural teacher's victory represents also a triumph for the progressive parties and social movements in the region.

Several Latin American political leaders congratulated leftist presidential candidate Pedro Castillo for his victory in Peru's runoff elections on June 6. 


Pedro Castillo Leads Peruvian Election, With 100% of Votes In

Bolivia's President Luis Arce, Argentina's President Alberto Fernandez, and Nicaragua's President Daniel Ortega sent congratulatory messages highlighting "the free and democratic" environment in which the elections took place. 

Ecuador's former President Rafael Correa, Brazil's ex-Presidents Lula Da Silva and Dilma Rousseff, and Colombia's ex-Senator Piedad Cordoba also rejoiced Castillo's victory. 

The congratulatory messages emphasized that the Peruvian rural teacher's election represented a triumph for Latin American popular organizations, rural workers, and Indigenous movements. 

The meme reads, "Bolivia joins Peruvian people's celebrations and congratulates brother Pedro Castillo, President-elect of Peru, a country with which we share history and culture. The Great Homeland join forces to continue fighting for a future with justice and equality for the peoples."

According to the official figures available so far, the Free Peru candidate has obtained 50.18 percent of the votes cast on Sunday. The far-right politician Keiko Fujimori obtained 49.80 percent of the votes.

The National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE) will announce the final elections results after the Special Jury of Elections (JEE) concludes its vote-counting process.

The ONPE indicated also that there were only 454 refuted ballots that will be submitted for re-evaluation. 

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