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Juan Manuel Santos Demands US Remove Cuba From Terrorism List

  • Former Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos expressed his

    Former Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos expressed his "unequivocal" rejection of the U.S. decision to include Cuba on the list of countries that sponsor terrorism. | Photo: Twitter/@ElPortal24

Published 3 February 2021

Former Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos demanded the United States immediately remove  Cuba from the unilateral and spurious list of countries sponsoring terrorism.

Santos, through a press release from a group to which he belongs, The Elders, called on the White House to "take immediate steps to reverse the decision" taken by the former Trump administration on January 11 to redesignate Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism.


Cuba's President Rejects US Double Standard on Terrorism

"I unequivocally reject the decision of the previous U.S. administration to redesignate Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism," Santos stressed.

The former Colombian president also urged U.S. President Joe Biden to "immediately begin the review process to revoke this."

In the note, he expressed concern over the reasons cited by former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for the 'redesignation,' which included the Cuban government's refusal to extradite to Colombia members of the National Liberation Army (ELN), who arrived in Havana to participate in peace negotiations facilitated by the Cuban and Norwegian heads of state.

"Cuba should be applauded for the crucial role it played in helping to end decades of conflict and facilitate reconciliation in Colombia, and not face sanctions for having done so. Countries that facilitate peace processes deserve our thanks and recognition," he emphasized.

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