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Italy: Economic Paralysis Due to Quarantine Measures

  • Italy was asked to reduce Anti-COVID measures, for avoiding a paralysis in the country. Dec. 27, 2021.

    Italy was asked to reduce Anti-COVID measures, for avoiding a paralysis in the country. Dec. 27, 2021. | Photo: EFE

Published 27 December 2021

Health experts asked the Italian government on Monday to reduce the COVID-19 quarantine restrictions, claiming the country could be paralyzed.


On Monday, health experts asked the Italian government to reduce the severity of COVID-19 quarantine measures to avoid economic paralysis.


Italia To Extend COVID-19 'Emergency State' Until March

According to the rules, people who have been in contact with infected ones have to self-isolate for seven days if they are vaccinated already; if not, they must spend ten days in self-isolation.

The head of the Gimbe health foundation, Nino Cartabellotta, explained that every positive has an average of five to ten direct contacts, given the chance that the infected rate could reach one million people in two weeks. "That would mean there could be five to 10 million contacts to be sent to quarantine, and this is not possible," Cartabellotta declared.

A virologist, Fabrizio Pregliasco, commented, "it's clear that at this stage and with this diffusion of Omicron, we must consider changes in the way we intervene; otherwise, we're heading for a generalized lockdown."

Coronavirus, another 30,810 cases and 142 victims in Italy today: Nino Cartabellotta (Gimbe): reduced quarantine for those who took the third dose

New daily case records peaked on Saturday with 54,762 positive cases of COVID-19. Government restrictions were reinforced last Thursday, given the rising rate of infected people, including banning all public New Year's Eve celebrations and the closing of nightclubs and discos.

Some politicians considered that fully vaccinated people should not quarantine if they do not show any symptoms.

Former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said, "if there are any restrictions to be imposed, it should be on the anti-vaxxers."

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