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Israeli Soldiers Kill Palestinian Man in West Bank

  • Israeli occupation forces point their weapons at a Palestinian youth, 2023.

    Israeli occupation forces point their weapons at a Palestinian youth, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/ @MakalukhabarEn

Published 9 June 2023

Since January, occupation forces have killed over 160 Palestinians, including women and children.

On Friday, Mahdi Biadseh, a Palestinian man, was killed by Israeli soldiers at an Israeli army checkpoint west of the West Bank city of Ramallah.


Israeli Occupation Forces Injure Two Palestinian Journalists

The Palestinian liaison office of security coordination with Israel informed that Israeli soldiers opened fire and killed a Palestinian at Rantis checkpoint west of the city.

Meanwhile, Palestinian eyewitnesses said Biadseh arrived by his car at the checkpoint, where the soldiers asked him to get out from his car, before a fight between him and the soldiers erupted, which turned into hand fighting and ended with opening fire that killed Biadseh.

An Israeli army spokesman said that Biadseh attacked the soldiers and tried to grab one of the soldiers' gun, adding the soldiers neutralized him.

The tweet reads, "Israeli crackdown on Palestinians and activists who are protesting the demolition of Palestinian homes in occupied Jerusalem."

At this time, the Israeli authorities stated that the incident is being investigated to verify if the Palestinian was driving a stolen car and had a criminal record.

This investigation should make it possible to rule out whether the conduct of the Palestinian driver was related to nationalistic or political motives, as is often the case in similar incidents at checkpoints in the West Bank.

The tension between Israelis and Palestinians has been flaring in the Palestinian territories since early January, leaving more than 160 Palestinians killed, including women and children.

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