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Israel Registers Increment in Arrests of Palestinians in April

  • March for Palestinian Prisoners' Day in Ramallah, West Bank on 17 April 2022. May. 23, 2022.

    March for Palestinian Prisoners' Day in Ramallah, West Bank on 17 April 2022. May. 23, 2022. | Photo: Middle East Monitor / Issam Rimawi

Published 23 May 2022

The figure would include 165 minors and 11 women amid the holy month of Ramadan and increased Zionist evictions.

Israeli occupation forces have imprisoned some 1,228 Palestinians during April, according to figures revealed on Monday by several non-governmental organizations led by the Jerusalem-based Wadi Hilweh Information Center.


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The count, in which the Commission for Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Affairs, the Palestinian Prisoners Club and the Addameer Foundation for Prisoners' Care and Human Rights also participated, but the number of minors and 11 women victims of Zionist imprisonment during April at 165.

According to these institutions concerned with prisoners' affairs, the Israeli authorities launched a massive campaign of arrests during the last month, which is the highest rate of arrests since the beginning of this year.

The release indicated that the highest arrest rate was recorded in Jerusalem, where it recorded 793 arrests, including 139 minors. According to the statement, Israel has issued 154 administrative detention orders (without charges), including 68 new orders and 86 extension of detention orders.

Furthermore, the communication noted that the arrests were accompanied by "serious violations against the detainees and their families, as well as after their transfer to investigation and detention centers, in addition to the recording of various injuries, including serious ones among the detainees, shot by the Israeli army."

The set of institutions indicated that "the Israeli authorities shot at the detainees and used the policy of collective punishment that affected most of their families through vandalism and destruction of homes, and the use of police dogs and other methods."

The information further states that the number of palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons reached some 4,700 as of last April, including 32 women and 170 minors, while the number of administrative detainees reached some 600.

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