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Hugo Chavez's Anti-Imperialist Speech Resonates After 2 Decades

  • Paez municipality' citizens join the Bolivian Fury March towards Caracas, Feb. 29, 2024.

    Paez municipality' citizens join the Bolivian Fury March towards Caracas, Feb. 29, 2024. | Photo: X/ @rtorrealba_

Published 29 February 2024

His revolutionary conviction is still alive in those Venezuelans defending their homeland, President Maduro stated.

Since early Thursday morning, thousands of citizens began to move from different Venezuelan departments to Caracas, the capital city that will receive the Bolivarian Fury March, an event that remembers the late president Hugo Chavez's rebellious and anti-imperialist vocation.


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On Feb. 29, 2004, at a time when the United States was issuing threats against the Venezuelan nation, Chavez rejected the statements of President George Bush and announced the anti-imperialist nature of the Bolivarian Revolution.

“Mr. Bush, you have been supporting coup plotters who seek political destabilization. From here, I'll place a bet on you. Let's see who lasts longer: you in the White House or me in the Miraflores Palace,” the Bolivian leader said defiantly.

Some years before, supported by U.S.-based organizations, Venezuelan far-right elites attempted a coup in 2022 and instigated sabotage of oil production in 2003. Chavez placed those events in perspective as he was addressing thousands gathered on Bolivar Avenue.

The text reads, "Anti-imperialist Venezuela: Commander Chavez´s speech at the Caracas Botanical Garden."

"Those violent groups, which have been funded from Washington and supported by the CIA, aim to set the country on fire. For what?," he asked.

"They themselves have acknowledged it because they have no shame. Yesterday, a group of supposed political opposition leaders issued a statement asking that... the Organization of American States (OAS) come here. Neither the OAS nor anyone else will come here! Here exists a free people and a sovereign homeland," Chavez stressed.

"Those making destabilization plans are very mistaken," he added and mentioned intercepted radio communications through which far-right conspirators sought a quick intervention by the U.S. Marines in Venezuelan territory.

"I tell you something: here there are plenty of mountains, plains, islands, jungle, and land," Commander Chavez said, implicitly referring to the possibility of resisting a U.S.-backed military intervention through a guerrilla war.

"Let them know one thing: here there is plenty of people and 'cojones' to defend this homeland from any intruder trying to humiliate the dignity of Venezuela, our sacred land. Damn it!," he stressed, while his words were recorded in the memory of the Latin American peoples.

Commemorating 20 years of that historic speech, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro invited all citizens to continue defending Venezuelan independence, sovereignty and integrity.

"What memories! Chavez declared the anti-imperialist character of the Bolivarian Revolution. What a glorious history! Let's continue building our history. Long live Chavez!, he said.

"The Bolivarian Revolution's anti-imperialist character is current in the thoughts and actions of those men and women who defend the homeland. Twenty years after that day... we continue to raise our voices to say, Venezuela is respected!" Maduro added.

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