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Huge Fire Affects Hospital in Chilean Capital

  • Large-scale fire affects hospital in Chile's capital city.

    Large-scale fire affects hospital in Chile's capital city. | Photo: Twitter/@cbsantiago

Published 30 January 2021

A fire of great proportions affected this Saturday at least two floors of the San Borja Arriarán hospital, in the center of the Chilean capital, although as of yet no victims have been reported.

According to authorities, the fire started after 07:00 local time and about thirty firefighters were immediately mobilized to the scene.

Different versions indicate that the flames were concentrated in the northern area of the hospital, on the side of the children's diagnostic and emergency center, while the National Emergency Office indicated that the fire affected the fourth floor of the building, where the boilers are located.


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Health personnel immediately evacuated patients, especially from the children's wards, and from floors five to eight, most of them to the parking area of the facility, while other patients were referred to other health care centers in the city.

It was also reported that the hospital has patients with COVID-19, many of whom were connected to mechanical ventilation, making their evacuation much more complicated.

"More images of the work of CBS and @BomberosNunoa in the 4th Fire Squad, in Amazonas and Santa Rosa Av, #Santiago."

The Ministers of the Interior, Rodrigo Delgado, and of Health, Enrique Paris, who assured that the fire started in a service area where there are no patients, so there were no victims and that the patients would be placed in other hospitals according to their specialties.

He added that the Public Prosecutor's Office will begin investigations to determine the causes of the incident.

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