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Honduran Ex-President Zelaya Joins The Puebla Group

  • Former President Manuel Zelaya, Honduras.

    Former President Manuel Zelaya, Honduras. | Photo: Twitter/ @ConsVEVigo

Published 8 October 2021

Currently, this grupo is integrated by 54 progressive politicians from 16 countries. Among them are Argentina's President Alberto Fernandez and Brazil's ex-President Lula da Silva.

On Thursday, Hondura’s ex-President Manuel Zelaya joined the Puebla Group, a political forum created in 2019 to promote the development of Latin American countries.


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"Zelaya’s incorporation into the Puebla Group will solidify the bonds of solidarity and regional political strategy. Congratulations on our former president, who continues to fill us with pride," said Carlos Estrada, an adviser of Hondura’s Freedom and Refounding Party (LIBRE). 

Currently, 54 progressive politicians from 16 countries integrate this organization, including Argentina's President Alberto Fernandez, former Spanish President Jose Rodriguez, and Brazil's ex-President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva. 

The Puebla Group has taken several initiatives that favored the Latin American peoples. One of them is the creation of the Latin American Council for Justice and Democracy (CLAJUD), which fights against using judicial systems as a weapon of political war.

This international progressive forum also helped to protect the life of Evo Morales during the U.S.-backed coup d'etat in Bolivia in 2019.

On Thursday, the Puebla Group also rejected the involvement of presidents Guillermo Lasso (Ecuador), Sebastian Piñera (Chile), and Luis Abinader (Dominican Republic) in the financial crimes uncovered by the "Pandora Papers." 

"The taxes these politicians evaded belonged to the neediest sectors of their societies," the organization argued, stressing that the guarantee of fiscal transparency strengthens the Latin American countries.

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