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Historic Win for Left: Gustavo Petro Wins Colombian Elections

  • Colombia's new President, Gustavo Petro and Vice President, Francia Márquez

    Colombia's new President, Gustavo Petro and Vice President, Francia Márquez | Photo: @TaiyangPK

Published 19 June 2022

Leftist candidate Gustavo Petro maintained a five percentage point difference, with 50 percent, against Rodolfo Hernandez during Colombia's presidential runoff, with 79.6 percent of polling stations counted, according to the electoral bulletin and will be Colombia's next president in a stunning win for the left in the region.

The leftist Gustavo Petro is emerging as Colombia's next President. According to the National Registrar's Office, the count of this Sunday's second round advanced to almost 90% by obtaining 10,075,836 votes, equivalent to 50.88%.

Polls Close for Colombia’s Runoff Election

The newly-elected President will take office on August 7 for a 4-year term. According to what has been promised during his political campaign, Petro will increase subsidies to reduce poverty across the country.
The data collected by the National Civil Registry Office indicated that of the 39 million two thousand 239 citizens eligible to exercise their right to vote in the 102 thousand 152 voting tables distributed in 12 thousand 513 voting stations.

By August 7, Colombia will be shaken by a change in power that will represent an adjustment in the model of an independent country. The new-elected President will deal with what the Colombian outlook study dropped, which was conducted by the Moody's risk rating.

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