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Has Alienated Us From Our Brothers, Alberto Fernández to Milei

  • Alberto Fernández, Argentinian former president.

    Alberto Fernández, Argentinian former president. | Photo: X/ @alferdez

Published 18 May 2024

Milei is on an official visit to Spain to participate in the annual congress of the ultra-right Vox party, and where he refused to meet with the king or any governmental authority.

The former Argentine president Alberto Fernández (2019-2023) accused on Saturday the government of the liberalist Javier Milei of injuring bilateral relations with Spain, countries of Latin America, and some Arab nations of the Middle East.


Presidents of Mexico and Colombia Respond to Insults From Milei

Amid the Milei's visit to Madrid to meet with the ultra right-winger Spanish party Vox, Fernández said that this government "has hurt our relations with Spain, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, China and much of the Arab world. Wanting to get closer to the 'powerful', it has taken us away from our brothers in the region and from our main commercial export destinations".

Fernández assured that that Milei only cares to bring his violent speech to those who, like him, "disbelieve democracy, deny climate change and repudiate respect for gender diversity".

"In just six months, he has traveled more than 100,000 kilometers and spent millions of pesos to participate in conservative and fascist conventions, present books in which he falsifies his background, give lectures that incite violence, meet with billionaires who manipulate social networks and even display their worrying mysticism," he said.

"While in Argentina the life of its inhabitants deteriorates, we continue to pay the absurd decisions of an 'ambassador of light' that is leaving us in the dark," said Fernández, alluding to the recognition as "international ambassador of light" that the Miami Jewish community gave to Milei.

Milein traveled last Thursday on the presidential plane to Spain, which is his first official visit to the European country, although he does not plan to meet with Felipe VI or government authorities, but it will participate in the annual convention of the far-right party and fascist tendencies Vox.

"Milei travels with state money to a world fascism rally. That happens as your salary gets depressed and registered employment breaks. Do we understand that Argentine development and the welfare of the people are not in their plans?" Alberto Fernández asked the current president.

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