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Grenada Records Surge In Immigration From South America

  • Coastal view of Saint George, Grenada, May 2021.

    Coastal view of Saint George, Grenada, May 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @Omokoshaban

Published 2 June 2021

This trend worries the health authorities since this country has recorded only 160 COVID-19 cases and one related death so far.

Grenade’s Immigration Department Chief Leroy Joseph on Wednesday informed that his country is recording an increase in the number of uncontrolled migrants from South American countries such as Panama and Colombia.


Grenada Bars Travellers From Brazil & India

“From January 1 to May 31, 24 persons have been charged for entering the country illegally,” he assured and recalled that 15 people were detained while trying to access the territory last year.

“We have never seen that trend before,” Joseph said and disclosed that the immigrants were fined for non-authorized entries and they were also ordered to be deported.

Health authorities warned that uncontrolled migration might put Grenada’s citizens at risk for a COVID-19 outbreak. 

“Usually, undocumented migrants do not know their COVID-19 status. One positive case could spread the virus throughout the community,” Joseph warned, recalling that his country has recorded only 160 COVID-19 cases and one death so far.

As Grenada continues to be a safe place, more persons will want to visit and possibly remain on the island. “Some will do so via the legal route and others will do it via the clandestine route,” Acting Chief Medical Officer Shawn Charles pointed out.

Currently, migrants caught entering the country illegally are charged with over US$1,000. Grenada’s Parliament is discussing increasing that fine to US$4,500.

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