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Germany Won’t Replace Poland’s War Tanks Sent to Ukraine

  • Germany said won't send war tanks to Poland. May. 25, 2022.

    Germany said won't send war tanks to Poland. May. 25, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@Hvq2eW

Published 25 May 2022

On Wednesday, German authorities denied allegations of the country's commitment to replace war tanks that Poland has sent to Ukraine.

The German government has rejected allegations of Berlin's commitment to substitute the war tanks sent by Poland to Ukraine.

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In the scenario of such comments, Polish President Andrzej Duda said that he was disappointed in Germany's decision. The German Government Spokesman Steffen Hebestreit said he was surprised by the Polish President's reaction.

According to Hebestreit, the Polish government sent Soviet tanks to Ukraine and requested Berlin to take part in the circular exchange mechanism as the one Germany holds with the Czech Republic.

The spokesperson revealed that they had first agreed to analyze what they could supply. He added that Germany had made clear before to Warsaw that they could not send any Leopard-2 tanks because there were only a few.

"The federal government is amazed," said government spokesman Steffen Hebestreit in Berlin. We take note of the Polish President's criticism, "but that doesn't make it right."

Hebestreit said there were criticisms on Polish media outlets about the situation last week.

Ukraine received dozens of T-72 tanks and armored vehicles donated by the Czech Republic last month, receiving in exchange old Leopard tanks from the German Armed Forces that have not been used and must be refurbished.

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