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Gabriel Boric Responds to Jair Bolsonaro’s Statements

  • President-elect Gabriel Boric responds to Jair Bolsonaro’s greetings. Dec. 23, 2021.

    President-elect Gabriel Boric responds to Jair Bolsonaro’s greetings. Dec. 23, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/@latercera

Published 24 December 2021

This Friday, President-elect Gabriel Boric, after receiving his reinforcement dose against COVID-19, indicated that "on State policies we must be a little more careful."  He also called for patience regarding the conformation of the future cabinet.

On Friday afternoon after receiving the booster dose against COVID-19 President-elect Gabriel Boric made statements on the greetings by the president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, referring also to the comments issued by his son, in which he indicates that Boric "will take the country to a situation similar to the one Venezuela reached with Nicolás Maduro."


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"I had not seen it, we will analyze it later. I am not going to make intemperate statements. I think that in state policies we have to be a little more careful," said Gabriel Boric.

On Friday, the Brazilian president issued a formal greeting through the Brazilian Foreign Ministry recognizing the results of the Chilean elections, being the last Latin American president to congratulate the Chilean president-elect.

Earlier, the Brazilian president commented in an annoyed tone that "practically half of the population abstained and, with the other half that went to vote, gave 55% for Boric and 45% for Kast."

"It is everyone's duty to protect ourselves in the pandemic we are still living, that is why today I came to San Miguel to get the booster vaccination. Thank you very much Melanie for explaining me the steps to follow, Gisela for having such a good hand with the injection, and all the health staff!"

Regarding the Brazilian president's comment, Boric responded by saying "clearly we are very different."

Regarding the formation of the future cabinet, Boric affirmed that "we are putting together several teams. What I ask for is patience, we are not going to advance cabinet names before the last week of January, so we are working hard to have the best teams and have the best people without a logic of quota, but what is best for Chile."

After obtaining the third dose of vaccines against COVID-19, Boric decreed, "I want to thank all the officials, health workers of the commune of San Miguel, but also of all Chile who continue working so that we can be well and take care of ourselves". Regarding the vaccination campaign, he assured that "we are going to continue with the vaccination plan that has been carried out so far, which has had very good results."

On the eve of the Christmas celebrations, Boric issued "a greeting and a hug to all Chilean families. Mental health problems increase in these dates of merriment. Let us think and accompany those who are alone at this time."

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