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Free Grain Delivery to Poor Countries Agreed by Türkiye-Russia

  • Somalia, Djibouti and Sudan will be the first to receive grain supplies. Nov. 4, 2022.

    Somalia, Djibouti and Sudan will be the first to receive grain supplies. Nov. 4, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@nexta_tv

Published 4 November 2022

An agreement between Türkiye and Russia for the free shipment of grain to "countries in need" has been announced by the Türkish president.

In a speech from Istanbul on Friday, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Somalia, Djibouti and Sudan would be the first to receive grain supplies. 

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"During our talks with [Russian President Vladimir] Putin, we agreed to send grain free of charge to countries in need. We will ensure that bulk grain ships will reach the countries currently suffering from a severe food crisis and famine," Erdogan said. 

The Türkish leader has already discussed the grain supply situation with UN Secretary-General António Guterres. About the upcoming G20 summit, he said that Türkiye would raise the issue of food supply to the neediest countries. 

In this regard, Erdogan criticized a Europe oblivious to the suffering of the peoples of Africa. "This distorted vision, which divides peoples based on language, color and country, led our world to disaster."

The grain deal has previously drawn criticism from Russia, which claims that of the total volume exported by Ukraine under the agreement, only 3 percent has reached the world's poorest countries.

On Wednesday this week, President Vladimir Putin resumed Russia's participation in the Black Sea Grain Initiative, mediated by the UN and Türkiye, after receiving guarantees from Ukraine that it will not use the Black Sea grain corridor for military purposes. 

The indefinite suspension of Russia's participation in the initiative on October 29 was due to Ukraine's attack on Russian military and civilian vessels in Sevastopol (Crimea). On that occasion, Russia expressed its readiness to supply grain to the most vulnerable countries.

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