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France Will Not Leave Huawei Out of Its 5G Network

  • A Huawei store in Shanghai, China, July 16, 2020.

    A Huawei store in Shanghai, China, July 16, 2020. | Photo: EFE

Published 21 July 2020

Last week, however, the U.K. banned Huawei from participating in its national wireless network.

France's Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire Tuesday announced that his government will not prohibit Huawei from investing in the 5th generation network (5G) technology in his country.


Chinese Huawei Beats Trump's Ban, Makes a $58.3 Billion Profit

"We do not discriminate against any operator," Le Maire said as he assured that France will always protect its national security interests.

Among France's telecom operators using Huawei equipment are the French Radiotelephony Society (SFR) and Bouygues.

"If these operators stop using China's technologies, their economic losses will be incalculable. They would have to access to much more expensive equipment," local outlet Les Echos assured.

France's announcement came a week after the United Kingdom banned Huawei from participating in its high-speed wireless network.

Britain's resolution was a victory for President Donald Trump's administration given that it is pushing Western governments to turn their backs on Chinese technology.

"We are convincing everyone that China's technologies are undermining the security of our nations," Trump tweeted after hearing London's decision.

The 5G network could fuel a new wave of the digital economy. So far, China leads the way in this technology's development.

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