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France, Hungary Against Sanctions on Russian Nuclear Energy

  • Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto. Feb. 14, 2023.

    Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto. Feb. 14, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/@DoctorGerhard

Published 14 February 2023

"We also agree that it makes no sense to impose sanctions on nuclear cooperation with Russia," said Hungarian Foreign Minister. 

After meeting with French Energy Transition Minister Agnes Pannier-Runacher, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said Tuesday that neither Hungary nor France believes it makes sense to sanction nuclear cooperation with Russia. 

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"Together we have fought hard for the EU to classify nuclear energy as sustainable, and together we fought against discrimination of nuclear energy... We both agree that it makes no sense to impose sanctions on nuclear cooperation with Russia," Szijjarto stated. 

Regarding cooperation between the two nations, the Hungarian Foreign Minister referred to a strategic agreement in the nuclear energy sector. The French company Framatome is involved in the construction of new blocks of the Paks nuclear power plant in central Hungary.

In this regard, Szijjarto acknowledged that "the success of the investments in Paks is the key to a reliable and long-term power supply to Hungary, so we thank the French government for allowing Framatome to supply the control system for the new Paks nuclear power plant."

The Tweet reads, Hungary called on NATO member countries to stop arms deliveries to Ukraine in order to end the armed conflict with Russia. Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto, on his official visit to Belarus, urged to stop arms deliveries to Ukraine.

Recently, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban also denounced EU anti-Russian sanctions over the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. According to Orban in statements to Hungarian state radio, energy prices and inflation would fall by half in case of lifting sanctions against Russia. 

The Prime Minister called on the EU to make efforts in this direction, noting that countries such as Germany or France could influence the lifting of sanctions, which have failed to destabilize Russia and have harmed Europe itself.

Since February 22, when Russia launched its special military operation against the country, 11 307 new restrictive measures have been activated against it, making it the most punished country in the world by sanctions, according to the Castellum.AI database. 

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