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Fishing Accident in Canada, 4 Children and 1 Man Drowned

  • Portneuf-sur-Mer in Canada. Jun. 5, 2023.

    Portneuf-sur-Mer in Canada. Jun. 5, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/@CTVWindsor

Published 5 June 2023

"...divers and Canadian Armed Forces personnel are providing..."

On Saturday, Canada’s local media confirmed that four children were confirmed dead, while one man remained unaccounted for until late hours of Sunday. They were on a fishing excursion in Quebec.


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According to the Quebec police, the bodies of the four children, all minors older than 10, were “found unresponsive on the river bank” a few hours after authorities received an emergency call about a group that had been swept up by the tide near Portneuf-sur-Mer, about 550 kilometers (341 miles) northeast of Montreal.

Reports say they were immediately transported to a healthcare facility, where the doctor verified their deaths.

A total of six individuals have been successfully rescued while law enforcement officials were undertaking a search to locate a man who was reported missing, utilizing specialized resources including all-terrain vehicles and aerial support via helicopter. Police found him on late hour of Sunday. 

According to the reports, divers and Canadian Armed Forces personnel provided aid in the search.

“Everyone is affected by what happened, because this kind of event, it’s the first time it’s happened,” Portneuf-sur-Mer mayor Jean-Maurice Tremblay said.

“When it involves five people, and four children drowning during a recreational activity, it’s certain people are quite sad about it,” Tremblay added.

According to Tremblay, the sandbank on which the victims were fishing is accessed by all-terrain vehicles. Tremblay also said that they were caught on a part of the peninsula where parts can be submerged by up to four meters of water when the tide rises.

According to official statements, police investigators and forensic teams have been deployed to gather more information of the event.

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