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Firefighting Operations Continue at Beirut Port

  • Beirut port, Lebanon. Sept. 03, 2022.

    Beirut port, Lebanon. Sept. 03, 2022. | Photo: L'Orient Today

Published 3 September 2022

Firefighters continue efforts to extinguish continued fire at Beirut port.

The Beirut Fire Brigade is today continuing the cooling and debris removal operations at the wheat silos in the capital's port until the fire at Lebanon's main terminal is extinguished.


Lebanon's President Vows Justice for Beirut Port Victims

As of August 29, the rescue corps has been implementing the second phase of the plan to extinguish the fire at the facility, which caused the collapse of the north side of the giant columns due to the fermentation of grain on the site since the explosion of August 4, 2020.

Under the guidance of the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Transport and Public Works, the cleanup and debris removal work will facilitate the preservation of the surrounding areas of the Beirut port, primarily the southern silos as a historical monument in memory of the martyrs of the catastrophe two years ago.

We have been working for 9 days non-stop to be able to reach the grains by cooling them and removing the rubble to be processed under the supervision of experts and scientists The plan was drawn up, published, and began to work on the second day of the fall of the northern silos. You can return to it, it is published on all sites. As I mentioned earlier, I am always open to constructive cooperation

The work to remove all existing debris and landfill is being carried out with the cooperation of UN Habitat, and during the collection the poorly stored wheat grains are sprayed with antifungal materials to prevent the growth of some types of fungi.

The silos minimized the shock wave of the Beirut Port tragedy that caused more than 200 deaths and thousands of wounded, in addition to destroying a sizable part of the Lebanese capital.

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