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Far-Right Activists Who Threatened VP Fernandez Are Released

  • Federal Revolution rally against leftist politicians, Argentina.

    Federal Revolution rally against leftist politicians, Argentina. | Photo: Twitter/ @fmamericanoti

Published 3 November 2022

Macri-controlled judges released the "Federal Revolution" members arguing that "there are no procedural risks" that would allow them to be kept in prison.

On Wednesday, Argentina's President Alberto Fernandez criticized the release of four detainees who were being investigated for inciting violence and threatening Vice President Cristina Fernandez and other progressive politicians.


Argentina's Ex President Macri Investigated for Illegal Espionage

"Once again, the Chamber One of the Comodoro PY Federal Chamber, which is made up of two judges who occupy their seats in a manner contrary to the Constitution, intervenes in a case of institutional relevance," Fernandez said.

"It seems that, far from wanting to clarify the fact and reach those most responsible, they are determined to cover up the obvious: that a criminal gang with ramifications and dark financing attempted against the life of the nation's Vice President," he added, referring to the judges who freed the members of the far-right organization called "Federal Revolution".

On Tuesday, Judges released Jonathan Morel, Leonardo Sosa, Gaston Guerra, and Sabrina Basile, who had been arrested by decision of a lower court on October 20.

The Comodoro judges released the activists arguing that "there are no procedural risks" that would allow them to be kept in prison. They also argued that "there were no objective elements" to link their activities to the attack suffered by VP Fernandez two months ago.

In this regard, the Argentine president commented that the release of the Federal Revolution members can only be seen as "an illegal maneuver" incited by ex-President Mauricio Macri.

"The Supreme Court must intervene to enforce its own ruling. Hopefully it will have the same speed that it had to impose its president as head of the Judicial Council," Fernandez added.

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