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  • Otto Sonnenholzner announcing his resignation through a video, Ecuador, July 7, 2020.

    Otto Sonnenholzner announcing his resignation through a video, Ecuador, July 7, 2020. | Photo: Twitter/ @ottosonnenh

Published 7 July 2020

As a result of an ongoing crisis, Lenin Moreno's administration has had 3 vice presidents since 2017.

On Tuesday morning, Ecuador’s Vice President Otto Sonnenholzner presented his irrevocable resignation from office. This resignation would have been based on the rupture of relations he had with several government authorities and with President Lenin Moreno a few months ago.


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“I don't feel and I have never felt like a politician. Today, as we face a more stable situation, I can make this decision. I prefer to leave as I entered and that I will do, I will leave here with my head held high,” Sonnenholzner said.

“This decision had already been announced unofficially several days ago, although the Communication Ministry flatly denied all this," local outlet Pichincha Comunicaciones recalled.

Over the last week, social media has been suggesting that Otto Sonnenholzner would be the presidential candidate for an alliance of right-wing organizations.

"After this public-resources-financed campaign of personal promotion, the until-today Vice President Otto Sonnenholtzner fulfills two objectives: to run for the Ecuadorian right-wing forces and wash his hands by moving away from the inner circle of the worst president in history."

Nevertheless, Sonnenholzner vowed that he does not think about being a candidate in the 2021 elections, although he said the next elections will be "one of the most relevant" in Ecuador's history.

His resignation occurs amidst growing social discontent over acts of alleged corruption and neoliberal policies implemented by Moreno, who has had three vice presidents since May 2017.

Sonnenholzner, who was the Ecuadorian Association of Broadcasting president before coming to power, spent a little over 18 months in office.

"Ecuador's Vice Presidency now receives the resignation of Otto Sonnenholzner, as established by the Constitution of the Republic and the Legislative Function's Organic Law," the National Assembly announced on its Twitter account.

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