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Ecuador: Noboa Proposes 11 Questions for Referendum on Security

  • Police at a crime scene in Esmeraldas City, Ecuador, Dec. 29, 2023.

    Police at a crime scene in Esmeraldas City, Ecuador, Dec. 29, 2023. | Photo: X/ @marsshmelow

Published 3 January 2024

The Constitutional Court is expected to rule on the adherence of these questions to constitutional principles.

On Wednesday, Ecuadorian President Daniel Noboa sent to the Constitutional Court the 11 questions for a popular consultation on security issues that he wishes to carry out this year. In their fundamental parts, the questions are as follows:


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1. Are you in favor of the Armed Forces taking actions to prevent and eradicate the activity of transnational criminal organizations operating inside and outside the national territory?

2. Do you agree that the Armed Forces should permanently control weapons, ammunition, explosives, and accessories on the routes, roads, and corridors authorized for entry to prisons?

3. Do you agree that members of the Armed Forces, National Police, and the Penitentiary Security and Surveillance Corps should not be deprived of their freedom or placed under house arrest while under investigation or legal process for acts committed with the use of force?

4. Do you agree to increase the penalties for the crimes of: (i) terrorism and its financing, (ii) production and illicit trafficking of substances subject to control, (iii) organized crime, (iv) murder, (v) assassination, (vi) human trafficking, (vii) extortionate kidnapping, (viii) arms trafficking, (ix) money laundering, and (x) illicit mining activities?

5. Do you agree that people deprived of their freedom should serve their entire sentence within a social rehabilitation center?

6. Do you agree to classify the crime of possession or carrying of weapons, ammunition, or components that are for the exclusive use of the Armed Forces or National Police, without affecting firearms allowed for civilian use?

7. Do you agree that weapons, their parts or pieces, explosives, ammunition, or accessories that were instruments or material objects of a crime can be allocated for the immediate use of the National Police or Armed Forces?

8. Do you agree to evaluate the officials of the Judicial Function, including an audit of their asset declarations?

9. Do you agree that the State proceeds to be the owner of assets of illicit or unjustified origin, simplifying the procedure of the Asset Forfeiture Law?

10. Do you agree to reform the procedures for the inadmission, deportation, and expulsion of foreigners to control migration and strengthen State security?

11. Do you agree to allow the operation of casinos, gaming rooms, betting houses, or businesses dedicated to gambling?

Through these questions, President Noboa seeks to address the exponential increase in violence and organized crime in Ecuador. The Constitutional Court is expected to rule on the adherence of the questions to constitutional principles..


Daniel Noboa
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