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Displaced Indigenous Colombians Move To Their Places Of Origin

  • Indigenous people cook on a makeshift stove, Bogota, Colombia.

    Indigenous people cook on a makeshift stove, Bogota, Colombia. | Photo: Twitter/ @MScalabrinianos

Published 9 May 2022

In September 2021, the Unit for Colombian Conflict Victims and the Capital District alleged that they could no longer provide these people with financial assistance.

Over the weekend, 475 Colombian Indigenous people who had settled in the Bogota National Park to protest against the lack of financial assistance for them began to move to their origin territories after agreeing with the government to their safe transfer and stay in these areas.


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In Sep. 2021, the Unit for Colombian Conflict Victims (UPV) and the Capital District (DC) alleged that they could no longer make transfers to over 1.900 Indigenous people who have been displaced to urban areas after the armed conflict given that such assistance was sought to be "temporary."

"Our families ran out of money to pay the rent and had no place to go, so we set up a camp in this park,” Indigenous leader Eduardo Mamundia lamented, stressing that his community slept in beds made of plastic and black canvas for over eight months.

"We are happy to have reached this agreement, which benefits all citizens living in Bogota," Indigenous authorities coordinator Jairo Montaner pointed out.

The UPV, the DC, the Interior Ministry, the National Attorney General’s Office, the Bogota Ombudsman’s Office participated in the negotiations on behalf of the government. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission acted as mediator.

As part of the agreements reached, the transfer to the origin territories shall be voluntary and in buses arranged by the authorities. Communities members who wish to stay in urban areas will also receive temporary accommodation, health services, education and commercial opportunities for their typical products.

"We have faith that the agreements signed with the National and District Government are fulfilled because they respect our elementary rights as citizens victims of the armed violence,” Montaner stressed.

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