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Daniel Noboa and His “New Project” for Ecuador

  • According to several experts, Noboa stood out during the presidential debate. Aug. 21, 2023.

    According to several experts, Noboa stood out during the presidential debate. Aug. 21, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/@MemesDelMijin

Published 21 August 2023

Noboa presented a government plan that has 76 pages, which are divided into four main axes: social, economic, institutional and productive and environmental.

At the age of 35, Daniel Noboa Azín, candidate of the National Democratic Alliance entered the ballot and will face the candidate Luisa González, of the Citizen Revolution. When asked by the local press about whether he will seek to form a coalition against correísmo, he assured: "I am not in favor of the lashing but of a new project."


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After knowing the result of the elections, the candidate has delivered a speech that does not fall into the dichotomy: correísmo vs. anti-correism. In his address, he thanked the voters for their confidence: “We are very happy. The Ecuadorian people have won... Starting tomorrow we must start working again. We are in the second round”.

Noboa Azin is the son of businessman and former five-time presidential candidate, Alvaro Noboa Pontón and physician Annabella Azin. His career in electoral politics took him to the Congress of Ecuador in the last elections of 2021. He was then elected as legislator for the province of Santa Elena and chaired the Economic Development Commission in the parliament. According to data from his official website, "his management occupied in 19.2%, of the laws approved by the National Assembly, 50% More laws approved than the previous period".

His first company, founded when he was 18 years old, was dedicated to the organization of events. Between 2010 until June 2018, he was part of Noboa Corporation, his father's company, there he served as shipping director and commercial and logistics director.

The candidate studied Business Administration at New York University's Stern School of Business, Public Administration at Harvard Kennedy School and also has a Master's Degree in Governance and Political Communication from George Washington University.

According to several experts, Noboa stood out during the presidential debate. He was poised and spoke with confidence. This, for some, captured the vote of some undecided.

Along with these proposals, Noboa also indicated the need to create employment opportunities, improve the quality of education and access to basic services. According to the candidate, through the reduction of poverty and inequality, it is expected to reduce the risk factors that lead to violence.

Political career

In 2021 he ran in the legislative elections, representing Santa Elena, for the United Ecuadorian movement. He was elected in the position, in which he remained until May 17, 2023, when the Assembly was dissolved due to Guillermo Lasso's decision to decree the cross death.

In May 2023 he ran as a candidate for the presidential elections, for the political movement National Democratic Action (ADN), and backed by the movements: People, Equality and Democracy (PID) and MOVER.

Among his most forceful proposals are:

- Stimulate the creation of small and medium enterprises, with policies that reduce bureaucracy and facilitate access to credit.

- To stimulate the economy, he proposes tax incentives for the productive sector, as long as it promotes sustainability, and tax exemptions for new companies during their first years of activity.

- Update and apply the minimum wage to reflect the cost of living and economic conditions. Noboa suggests wage equity through the implementation of policies that combat wage discrimination; this implies the review and adjustment of the minimum wage.

- A zero base budget policy; that is, a system in which the entities justify their expenses each year; instead of the current system, in which the allocations are based on the previous year's budget.

- Militarize the country's ports and borders to curb drug trafficking.

- Plan for the construction and maintenance of state infrastructure for transportation, energy, water and sanitation.

His campaign proposal is divided into four axes: social, economic, institutional and productive and environmental, with which he says he will fight crime and strengthen the country's justice and security institutions. "We did an excellent campaign and the debate repotentiated our proposal", said the aspirant to Carondelet this Sunday. A week before, during the presidential debate, Noboa did not receive criticism or direct confrontations, so he could, without getting excited, talk about his proposals.


Daniel Noboa
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