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Cuban Actress De Armas Is Nominated For The 2023 Oscar Awards

  • Cuban actress Ana de Armas in the film

    Cuban actress Ana de Armas in the film "Blonde." | Photo: Twitter/ @filmsandstuffs

Published 25 January 2023

In "Blonde," De Armas managed to take on the existential challenges and personal conflicts of Marilyn Monroe. 

On Tuesday, the U.S. Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced that Cuban actress Ana de Armas was nominated for the 2023 Oscars Awards for her performance in the film "Blonde."


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De Armas, the first Cuban ever nominated for this award, competes in the category Best Leading Actress with Cate Blanchett ("TÁR"), Andrea Riseborough ("To Leslie"), Michelle Yeoh ("All at Once Everywhere"), and Michelle Williams ("The Fabelman").

With her portrayal of Marilyn Monroe in "Blonde," the 34-year-old actress also won a nomination for the Golden Globe Awards and the Actors' Guild Awards. She was also nomitated for an award from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.

"Her performance in 'Blonde' was phenomenal. Marilyn’s dress is hard to wear. The project for 'Blonde' had been in development for ten years. We couldn't realize it until we found Ana," said Brad Pitt, the film's executive producer. 

For the Cuban critic Joel del Rio, the best trump card of the film is its protagonist: "Ana de Armas is immense in her ability to move from imitation to visceral, facial rictus to work with diction, and from there to the contortions of the spirit, all with absolute fluidity and astonishing ability," he wrote in the Cuban newspaper Juventud Rebelde.

In "Blonde," De Armas managed to take on Monroe’s existential challenges and personal conflicts. "It is a wonder to delight in Ana’s expressions, voice, and movements, which are so distant from the Latin culture she belongs to and close to the Hollywood diva she plays," said journalist Susana Besteiro in the Cuban newspaper Granma.

De Armas’s filmography includes roles in nearly 30 films, including "Blade Runner 2049," "No Time to Die," "The Gray Man," and "Knives Out," with which she also won a nomination for the Golden Globe Awards.

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