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Cuba Denounces Hostility In V Baseball Classic Semifinals

  • "Cuba will not renounce the right to compete under equal conditions in U.S. territory," said the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Mar. 22, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/@jit_digital

Published 22 March 2023

Cuba condemned the direct aggression, threats, and offensive language against the Cuban team. 

The Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Minrex) denounced Wednesday in a statement the hostility against the Cuban team during the semifinals of the V World Baseball Classic last Sunday in Florida, U.S.

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"Unfortunate and dangerous incidents occurred against the Cuban team," during the game between Cuba and the U.S. at LoanDepot Park stadium in the city of Miami last March 19, the ministry said. 

In an attempt to destabilize the Cuban players, "direct aggression, threats, use of offensive language and attacks harmful to the morale of the Cuban team" by a group of people attending the stadium took place.  

However, the Foreign Ministry appreciated "the multiple messages of support, recognition and solidarity," that the Cuban players received "from many people in the U.S., mostly Cubans or Cuban descendants."

Cuba denounces acts of hostility against its baseball team incited by Miami authorities. Statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to the text, "the rules of order and conduct established by the stadium were not complied with." The statement denounced "the complicity shown by local authorities, who allowed and created the conditions for these acts to take place, openly and with impunity."

During the match, objects were thrown at the players and their families, including women, children, and the elderly, as well as at members of the Cuban delegation and representatives of the Cuban press, and also at spectators supporting the Cuban team.

It also condemned "incitement by local politicians and figures holding public office to indiscipline, aggression, and harassment of athletes". The Ministry said that the "tolerance of the forces of law and order, violating their obligations, stimulated the commission of successive aggression."

Despite the unfortunate events, "Cuba will not renounce the right to compete under equal conditions in U.S. territory," the text reads, pointing out that in sporting events on the island athletes from all over the world will be as always respected and enthusiastically welcomed.

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