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Coronavirus Updates: Cuba's First Local Case, Mexico Adds Cases

  • A member of the Municipal Civil Protection Unit of the Mayor's Office of San Salvador works this Thursday during a sanitation day at the administrative offices of the Mayor's Office of San Salvador

    A member of the Municipal Civil Protection Unit of the Mayor's Office of San Salvador works this Thursday during a sanitation day at the administrative offices of the Mayor's Office of San Salvador | Photo: EFE

Published 12 March 2020

The latest Covid-19 news from the Global South and around the world on Thursday:

Update 11:30 PM:

First local case of coronavirus in Cuba: The first Cuban citizen with a definite diagnosis of coronavirus was disclosed this Thursday by the Cuban Ministry of Public Health (Minsap) after the cases of three Italian tourists reported twenty-four hours ago.

The patient is a resident of the central city of Santa Clara, married to a Bolivian citizen living in Milan, Lombardy region, Italy, who traveled to the island on February 24, apparently asymptomatic, but later began to develop mild respiratory symptoms.

Mexico adds 15 cases of COVID-19 and schools announce the suspension of classes: COVID-19 infections in Mexico rose from 11 to 15 on the day of this Thursday in which fear of the coronavirus hit the bag and the weight and led the first schools to announce the suspension of classes to avoid new cases.

Peru suspends the arrival of flights from Europe and Asia due to coronavirus: The Peruvian government agreed this Thursday to suspend the entry of flights from Europe and Asia, "in order to reinforce the prevention of coronavirus transmission in the country.

The measure was taken during the session of the Government's High-Level Multisectoral Commission, which conducts coordination and coordination efforts aimed at the prevention, protection, and control of the coronavirus in Peru, a country that registers 22 people with coronaviruses.

Update 9:00 PM:

The Prime Minister's Office in Canada announces that Sophie Trudeau tested positive for coronavirus: The statement notes that symptoms are mild and Justin Trudeau, who has no symptoms, will stay in isolation for 14 days.

Argentina cancels flights from Europe and the United States for one month: The President of Argentina, Alberto Fernandez, decreed this Thursday a health emergency due to the coronavirus, which, among other measures, will entail suspending international flights from Europe and the United States for 30 days, among other areas affected by the disease.

"In a situation of general alarm, the role of the State is essential to prevent, reassure and provide protection to the population," said the president in a message broadcast on television and radio on the national channel.

Update 6:00 PM

Mikel Arteta, Arsenal's coach tests positive for coronavirus: Mikel Arteta, Arsenal's coach, has tested positive for coronavirus, according to the English club in a statement.

The Arsenal training camp in Colney, London, has been closed and all personnel who have been in contact with the coach have been isolated, following the measures recommended by the British government.

The Toronto Stock Exchange suffers its worst losses since World War II: The Toronto Stock Exchange, TSX, suffered its worst losses since 1940, at the beginning of World War II, on Thursday, losing 1,761 points, 12.3% of its value.

The TSX is Canada's largest exchange and one of the world's leading for raw materials and the energy sector closed the day at 12,508 points after temporarily suspending operations at the beginning of the day due to the magnitude of sales.

The Tribeca Film Festival is delayed after more measures against the coronavirus: The Tribeca Film Festival was postponed after the announcement made by the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, about the prohibition of concentrations of more than 500 people to try to minimize the spread of the coronavirus, the organization confirmed Thursday.

"We are committed to guaranteeing the health and safety of the public while supporting our friends, filmmakers and storytellers who see Tribeca as a platform to show their work to audiences," says the co-founder and CEO. of festival, Jane Rosenthal.

Update 5:30 PM:

Ecuador confirms 19 cases of coronavirus: Ecuador's Minister of Health, Catalina Andramuño, confirms 19 cases of coronavirus in Ecuador. She further indicated that there are 203 people in epidemiological surveillance.

Leader of far-right Vox Party in Spain, Santiago Abascal, tests positive for the coronavirus in Spain: The Vox leader has commented that he is feeling "reasonably well" so he will continue to work from home.

Belgium closes all schools, bars, and restaurants: The measure is effective regardless of the size of the gathering.

Portugal closes schools and clubs and sets limits on restaurants: The Government of Portugal has decreed this Thursday the closure of all schools, kindergartens, and discos until Easter, and limitations on the influx of restaurants and shopping centers to try to contain the expansion of the coronavirus, that leaves 78 infected in the country.

"This is a fight for our own survival," Prime Minister António Costa said in a statement after a Council of Ministers in which a series of measures have been approved.

Update 5:00 PM: 

Haiti quarantines 16 citizens from the Dominican Republic: Haitian health authorities quarantined 16 citizens who arrived last night from the Dominican Republic on a bus in which one person died, on suspicion that it could be the coronavirus. No Symptoms have been reported yet.

Bahamas Denies Cruise Ship Docking With Five COVID-19 Cases: The Bahamas reported on Thursday that it denied the cruise ship, Ms. Braemar, from the Fred Olsen line, the right to dock because it reported five cases of coronavirus on board.

"The ship will not be able to dock and its passengers and crew will not be able to go ashore," details a statement from the Ministry of Transport, explaining that the measure is being adopted to "protect the health and safety of Bahamians."

Morocco Suspends All Flights, Maritime Trips to and from Spain: According to state media, the measure could last a month or more. A similar agreement was reached with Algeria

Update 4:15 PM:

Oman suspends tourist visas in an attempt to prevent coronavirus spread: The Supreme Committee for Dealing with the Covid 19 in the Sultanate of Oman banned issuing any new tourist visas for all countries, all tourist cruise ships, serving "Shisha" in coffee shops, and limiting the attendance of court halls to those involved in cases only.

Sudan bans entry of citizens of several countries hit by the coronavirus: The Government of Sudan announced an entry ban on citizens from eight countries, due to the new coronavirus. The government has indicated that the list, which includes China, South Korea, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), France, Italy, Spain, Iran, and Japan, affects countries "devastated by the virus"

Germany reports 6 more deaths from COVID-19; total cases rise to 2,512: All of Germany's 16 states have had confirmed cases of the coronavirus, bringing the total number of reported infections in Germany to 2,512.

Update 3:47 PM

The NCAA has canceled its 2020 winter and spring championships, including the men's and women's basketball tournament.

Algeria reports 2nd COVID-19 death: The Algerian Health Ministry on Thursday confirmed the second death from Covid-19. All schools & universities are expected to close for the next few weeks.

Update 3:35 PM:

The Dow Jones industrial average posted its biggest loss since 1987, closing down at almost 10% with some experts calling it a "historic closing". All other major stocks down as well

Current cases of coronavirus around the world as of Thursday, March 12, 2020: 134,206, Deaths: 4,965, Recovered: 68,898

Source: WorldoMeter

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